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Dinner in Restaurant



Start 2024 inspired, nourished, and turned ON.

Creating and planning your juiciest year.

Surrounded by nature & other phenomenal humans.

With all the luxe, pampering touches.

Imagine STARTING 2024 Like this.

Pulling into the retreat driveway, gravel crunching. A mini-adventure to find your room.

As tingles of anticipation settle, deep calm washes through. Your body relaxes, heart and mind open. Sunset on the lawn. You've got 3 nights of this.

Deep exhale.

The workshops begin. Bringing both attention and intention to every dimension of your life. You are held and led through exercises to dream and plan your juiciest 2024.

Connected with what really matters to you.

There is play, pleasure, and a sense of lightness. With plenty of opportunities to get out of your head and into your body. Coming back into your senses, to slowness.

Making richness of life a true priority.

The phenomenal food, incredible connections, spaciousness in the agenda - everything feels abundant. It feels exhilarating getting to witness each other in ALL the juicy possibilities.

Feeling deeply seen.

The retreat closes with an air of celebration. Of each other, of what you've created.

Excited to get back into things with your crystal-clear desires, strategy and new habits.
A truckload of pleasure, energy and enthusiasm as fuel.

Ready to craft the most extraordinary 2024.


Retreat humans_edited.jpg


Deeply connect with others who are "doing the work" as you play with your desires, possibilities, and plans.

Walk away with friends, connections, and a community of people who truly see you & everything you're capable of creating.

Worth the investment alone. ;)


Whaaatttttt. You read that right.

The masterful chef and genius behind Food Wellness by Kat will be on-site with us the entire retreat. Nourishing us down to the soul.

If her banana bread doesn't win awards soon...

I haven't promoted her enough.

Wellness by Kat.jpg



I will be your retreat lead and desire co-conspirator. 

Creating a journey that sets you up for the juiciest, most expansive, "fuck yes" 2024. 

My love is in curating a setting, community, and process for you to experience your aliveness. 

This won't be a typical, linear goal-setting sesh. You'll get clarity on the milestones, but you'll get there by experiencing the magic - exploring different aspects of your expression, brain, and tapping into creative and intuitive possibilities.


With plenty of lols, juiciness, and play.

Down & Dirty Details.

We have exclusive use of a historical 1920s house in Hepburn Springs. We will be frolicking through the lush gardens, soaking in sun, or being cozied up by one of the two fireplaces. Eating delicious food. Indulging in local delights. Practicing yoga, meditation, and breathwork together.

Alongside 2.5 days of immersive, transformative coaching with Steph.

Dates: Thurs 25th Janurary, 2024 to Sunday 28th January, 2024

Location: Hepburn Springs

Includes: 3 nights of 4 star accommodation, 2 full days of workshop program, all food and snacks catered by our in-house professional chef.

The retreat is all-inclusive - all you need to do is arrive & be immersed.

Food, accommodation, activities, materials are sorted. 

Plus a juicy bonus...

1 hour spa experience (value $100)


White Duvet


Shared room

Share with 1 other amazing human. 

Choose between a Queen bed or two singles.


Private ensuite.

(Includes $100 spa experience)


Private room

Your own sanctuary. Queen size bed.

Priority choice of room with bath or garden views.


Private ensuite.

(Includes $100 spa experience)


VIP love

Everything in Private room PLUS

4 hours immersive 1:1 coaching with Steph before/after retreat.

Value of $1000 alone.

(Includes $100 spa experience)


Close to jumping in, but you've got a few questions? Drop in a 15 min chat with Steph.

We will have a zero-pressure convo to help you decide if it's a snuggly good fit for you.

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  • Is there lots of relaxation time?
    Not specifically. The purpose for this retreat is to guide you through a really intentional, beautiful, and expansive process to craft your next work & life design. We will have time for reflection, solo time, and rest between activities. We don't rush, but it also isn't a simple relaxation retreat.
  • When & where is the retreat?
    Dates: Thurs 25th January, 2024 to Sunday 28th January, 2024 Location: Hepburn Springs
  • I'm coming alone. Can I book a shared room?
    Yes! I (Steph) want to make this retreat as cost-accessible as possible. So I've created an option where you can share with someone, without needing to pre-arrange. I will then work on room allocations based on which incredible humans join us. You might just make a new bestie.
  • I'm not sure if this is for me. But, I want to know more. What now?
    Always happy to connect. You can email us at Or message directly on Linkedin (stephaniebrien) or Instagram (@stephbrien_).
  • What is your cancellation policy?
    This is an intimate retreat, with very limited spots. That means that 1 person needing to change does have a significant impact on us (and me, Steph, the facilitator & human sitting typing these words for you. Hi!). For change of mind, at least 14 days prior: Credit: full amount paid available to credit towards future retreat or Work Well Warriors program. Refund: available, less $50 admin fee (Credit charges are a total sh*t for everyone involved). For change of mind or unforeseen circumstances, less than 14 days prior: Credit: full amount paid available to credit towards 1:1 coaching with Steph. Refund: not available.
  • What are the main outcomes from the retreat?
    Clarity on your next work & life design across 6 pillars: work, wellbeing, wealth, connection, pleasure, growth. Key shifts to implement in the next days, weeks, and months.
  • Sounds great, but I’m terrified. I don’t know what I want and I’m a bit scared to find out. Help?
    I got you, boo! (In the non-gendered use of the word) It is totally normal to not be clear on what you want, and it’s a really beautiful place to be in your growth. The possibilities are open and, yes, you need a little nudge to jump in ;) That’s what I designed this for. We build some energy and clarity upfront, then we keep looking at it. The goal is to help you figure out what you want, but as importantly we build self-trust so you can navigate as new desires pop up... or amazing invitations and opportunities you can't picture now.
  • I’m already busy. Will I have enough time?
    Yes. We meet every 2 weeks, giving you time to be in your life doing shit. Sometimes there will be invitations to resources and tools you can practice. However you’ll get results from our coaching alone. You DON'T need to do things perfectly to get results! Part of what you learn is creating space / time and building trust in self to follow through in way you need to. I give you roadmap, but you decide.
  • I’m not interested in building a business or a corporate career. Am I still a good fit?
    Yes... if you passionate about life and committed to not settling, this is for you.
  • What tangible results can I expect?
    When we work together, we define early on the types of results you want to focus on. So these are flexible depending on your personal areas of interest (the benefits of really tailored 1:1 coaching!). Some examples of results from other clients: Health - drastic shifts in your day-to-day energy, motivation, pleasure, and aliveness Work & wealth - negotiate new work structures (like part time), land a dream role (one client did this in 6 weeks, with a $20k pay rise) Relationships - exiting toxic relationship, setting & maintaining family boundaries, deepening love with your partner
  • I’m not sure if I can commit to a full 6 months right now?
    I see you! And I've designed this container for you. There are often some crunchies in months 3 or 4. That’s why it’s a longer term container. When you want to hide, we’re there. It’s important that we stick it out. However, I am flexible… If, at the end of the first month, we feel it’s not a fit, we can shake hands and part ways.
  • There are lots of courses on topics like this. Why join this 1-1 coaching program with Steph?
    If you've found your way to this page, you have likely tried a few things already. Knowledge is powerful - but it is APPLYING in our own life that you are here for. I've designed this program specifically so it is not just learning new approaches. It is support to do it in your own life. At the same time giving you tools to self-coach and never need me again!
  • Is coaching 1:1 with Steph worth the $$$?
    Hand on heart, 1:1 coaching has the potential to transform every dimension of your life. With me (Steph, hi!) - we do it in a way that prioritises you experience of life as you do cool, amazing shit. The bonuses are $3,000 alone what will get you insane results. 6 whole months together is life-changing. I also totallyyyy understand when money and investing in yourself feels sticky. If you are in this place... this is something we can coach on! In the week on wealth and abundance keys, we literally make a plan for you to get your money back. We can easily plan pathways for you to make this investment back 10x. Which is what I did with my own coaching investment of $25K. These aren't guarantees of $ return, but you'll understand the power of your own mind to create those kind of results.

Soak in The retreat vibes.

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