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Harrison package

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1 questionnaire, 10+ reports to understand yourself and your relationship to work Harrison is based on enjoyment theory - developing & accelerating your career + life based on what you actually want to be doing. In our debrief, I will take you deeper into your results and how they may be affecting your whole life, including blind spots, shadow traits, communication style + more. Harrison will help you: clarify your strengths, life themes, key development areas, and work preferences. What it measures: 175 behavioural tendencies What you get: 10+ reports, including Greatest Strengths, Career Options, Engagement & Employment Expectations, Leadership Development, Development by Role. Includes: - 50+ page personalized Harrison report - 90 min 1:1 debrief with Steph Brien - 2 x additional 60 min 1:1 coaching sessions with Steph Brien

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